Boat Sandblasting

Whenever water blasting is used to clean fiberglass, such as the fiberglass found on a boat, it is effective and cuts the time down considerably. Over time antifoul will build up on the bottom of your boat. This makes the underwater hull surface rough and inefficient. At Sandblasting Richmond VA, we recommend that you have the antifoul buildup on your boat, removed every 5 years. Removing this buildup isn't easy. It can also take up a lot of time to accomplish and can be very messy. If the job is not carefully performed, it could release toxic paint and fumes into the environment.

This is the type of work that is best left to a professional sandblaster who knows how to effectively use the products and equipment needed to sandblast your boat. Our sandblasters at Sandblasting Richmond VA have years of industry know-how and can offer you the help that you need.

Our Boat Sandblasting Method

At Sandblasting Richmond VA, we use a mixture of recycled glass that has been crushed to create a fine grit and add water to create an abrasive sand without any dust. We are able to remove the old coating while still being able to leave its gel coating. Once they finish removing the coating, it will be prepared for adding the new coating. Our method also enables us to identify any possible gel weaknesses like blistering, which will enable you to fill them before reapplying additional coating.

We do our blasting in a purpose-built facility so that the waste material remains contained and any hazardous waste can easily be disposed of by a professional service. Our blasting system provides you with an etched finish. We're also able to provide remedial work so that we can get the hull back into a good condition.

Why Hire a Professional

The best and most effective way to treat the antifoul on your boat is through effective sandblasting. No matter the extent of the work that needs to be performed, we’ll assure you that our talented team of professional sandblasters is up for the job. With more than 10 years of industry experience, our experts prove effective in sandblasting boats. Our Richmond sandblasters take the time to make sure the job is done right.

They are the reason that so many turns to us for their sandblasting needs. When you want efficient boat sandblasting, rely on Sandblasting Richmond VA.

Why Hire Sandblasting Richmond VA

You get what you expect to receive from our experts at Sandblasting Richmond VA. With a team of the most talented team of sandblasting professionals, you're sure to be able to get what you pay for. Your boat will run smoother than it has before once our sandblasters have had the chance to attend to your sandblasting needs.

If you want the best, make sure you do yourself a favor by relying on our highly-skilled and qualified sandblasters. No matter the size of your boat, you can count on our experts to handle your sandblasting needs.


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