If you have ever considered having something sandblasted, Sandblasting Richmond VA is your go-to company. Our experts know how to effectively prep and restore without attempting to do it yourself with sandpaper, sandblasting is absolutely one of the best ways to handle this. Sandblasting is far less labor-intensive and is the most effective way to go about restoring items.

Our professionals are capable of utilizing the techniques best suited to your needs in order to achieve their job. It is possible for us to make your old items look new again. So, rather than simply getting rid of your items, why not give us a call and let us show you what we can do. Our sandblasters have the expertise needed to effectively produce the results that you are seeking to achieve.

About Us

Sandblasting Richmond VA is a locally owned sandblasting service. We have been licensed and insured for several decades. We opened our business with a commitment to deliver high-quality services on schedule and on budget. Our goal has always been to exceed the expectations of those we serve. With a determination to succeed in doing this, we meticulously vet our sandblasters to ensure they are able to live up to those expectations. We only hire the most reliable and effective sandblasting professionals to service the needs of our customers.


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    We offer residential and commercial sandblasting services. When there is something that you are thinking of tossing in the dumpster, stop and think about the way it used to look. Are you really willing to part with it? If you aren't, then think about what Sandblasting Richmond VA can do for you to restore it to its glory days. We're prepared to restore those items due to the level of talent that we have. We stand by their work by offering 100% satisfaction.


    Dustless Blasting

    Our experienced sandblasters use a technique that leaves your items without dust particles swarming all over the place and sticking to your items. It is a mixture of water and an abrasive that easily removes coatings from items, such as decks and cars. Dustless blasting is an affordable and efficient way of restoring your items.


    Soda Blasting

    The soda blasting method involves the actual use of baking soda. The baking soda is directly applied to the item to restore your them. With specialized equipment, our sandblasters can deliver the look that they are attempting to achieve. Our experienced sandblasters are effective in utilizing the equipment used to soda blasting your items. They are also familiar with the correct texture of media needed to restore your objects.


    Industrial Sandblasting

    Our expert sandblasters are also capable of restoring businesses industrial products and equipment. Sandblasting is an aggressive abrasive that changes the surface of the item so that it can properly apply the needed applications. It will enable your object look it's very best without looking like an amateur job. Sandblasting eliminates any noticeable imperfections.


    Residential Sandblasting

    If you want to have some work done to your house but you need to remove the existing coat of paint, sandblasting is definitely the way to go. It is a fast and effective way of removing the paint and any other type of buildup that will hinder the application of the new paint. At Sandblasting Richmond VA, our experts can effectively address your needs with our commercial grade sandblasting equipment.


    Car Sandblasting

    Restoring your vehicle to its glory days has never been easier. With our car sandblasting services offered at Sandblasting Richmond VA, we are able to effectively remove rust or paint found anywhere on it. This enables you to get a newly painted finish. Sandblasting is a fast and effective method for restoring your car.


    Boat Sandblasting

    If you have a boat that is not operating as efficiently as it used to, consider allowing our sandblasters at Sandblasting Richmond VA sandblast it for you. The antifoul that builds up on the bottom of your boat is what makes the hull surface inefficient. Removing the antifoul removed by sandblasting it; will have your boat sailing like new again. If you want to get your boat moving again, allow us to help you do this with our boat sandblasting services.

    “None of the methods that we used to get our factory equipment cleaned was working. We finally decided to give Sandblasting Richmond VA a call. We were amazed at the results that they were able to achieve. We’re happy to recommend their services to others in Richmond.” – Frank T.

    "We didn’t think that it was possible for our car to look as good as it did when my dad first bought it in the late 1950’s. We were pleasantly surprised to find that there was actually a company who could restore it to look even better than it did the day he brought it home, Sandblasting Richmond VA. This company is simply amazing!” – Sandy L.

    “When we couldn’t find an affordable way to clean our house we just gave up on even trying to have our home painted. Fortune for us, one of our neighbors told us about Sandblasting Richmond VA. Not only did they offer us an affordable rate, they did a better job than we could have expected. We are happy we found out about them.” – Charles P.

    Contact Sandblasting Richmond VA

    There are certainly other methods that can be used to restore your car, boat, equipment, furnishings, home and more but none are as efficient as sandblasting. At Sandblasting Richmond VA we have performed thousands of sandblasting jobs. With a professionally trained team of expert sandblasters, we have been able to effectively restore even the most challenging items.

    This is why so many in and around Richmond, VA rely on our services. Sandblasting is not only effective but it is fast. This means our sandblasters are in and out so that the next phase of your project can begin. Contact us today to receive an estimate for you sandblasting project.